Saturday, August 22, 2009

No One is Coming to the NL Central Party

Have you ever had a party where you invited a bunch of friends and no one showed up? That situation describes the St. Louis Cardinals and the National League Central Division race.

Only a month ago, many thought that the NL Central race would go down to the very last day. After July 22nd, St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee and Houston were all within 2 games of each other and Pittsburgh, the last place team in the division was only 7.5 games out.

Since then, the only team to show up to the party has been the St. Louis Cardinals. Since July 22nd, the NL Central teams have the following records:

Cardinals 19-8
Chi. Cubs 13-15 (6.5 games lost)
Milwaukee 11-15 (7.5 games lost)
Houston 11-16 (8 games lost)
Cincinnati 7-20 (12 games lost)
Pittsburgh 8-18 (10.5 games lost)

The Caridnals, who own a record of 70-54, are now 7.5 games ahead of the second place Chicago Cubs ((61-60). Although the Cardinals of course have had a great run, nobody else in the division has even come close to keeping up with the Cardinals. The Cardinals don't seem to be winning it so much as the rest of the division is losing it. With one good month, the Cardinals have put themselves in a very good spot to win the division with ease.

It's a shame noone came to our party.

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