Monday, August 3, 2009

Can the Cardinals win the NL Central?

With two months to go, the Cardinals are leading the second place and red-hot Chicago Cubs by a half game, but are two back in the loss column. Do the Cardinals have what it takes to win the NL Central? The rotation is very top heavy, with Carpenter, Wainwright and Pineiro doing great work, but Kyle Lohse is just back off the DL and Wellemeyer has been relegated to the bullpen. Can the Cardinals win with just 3 solid starters? The Cubs rotation is much stronger all around, but their bullpen has given up games, as they did to the Marlins Sunday (a big thank you to Kevin Gregg for blowing the save!).

My prediction is that Tony LaRussa will get the Cardinals into the playoffs - whether they win the division or not I'm not sure, but both the Cubs and the Cardinals will be very good in August and September and both might make the playoffs. The Giants, Rockies and Marlins are all getting hot too, so I am not sure the Cardinals can count on the wild card.

One thing is for sure, Albert Pujols needs to get hot again. Matt Holliday can't keep this pace up for much longer! Go Cards!

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